What To Do When Your Tub Drain Gives Out?

It’s a huge disappointment when you’ve had a long day and prepare a drain cleaning showerhot, steamy bath, only to find that the water is slowly leaking back down the drain as you relax. It’s an even bigger disappointment for me to inform you that you may have a drain issue in your tub. Thus, the tub will not hold water and the water will become colder than it usually does. Here are the things to do when your tub drain starts letting out on you.

The first things you should do is take off the drain stopper in your tub and check it for any cracks or blemishes. If you find some, it may not be your entire drain that needs replacing: but just the stopper. If your stopper has a crack or hole, locate the brand and model of your stopper online and find a local retail store to buy it from or order it from online. You can find a wide range of stoppers on homedepot.com. Problem solved!

But if your tub still drains unusually, you may need to look into replacing the drain pipe. To do this you have to look up your make and model and order the parts needed to fix the drain properly. Or you can hire a reliable plumber to fix this issue by appointment. Our company, Genesis plumber, can provide you with any drain cleaning services in El Paso, TX.

Before changing the drain pipe, you must clean the area inside and out. This includes the inside of where the pipe is located, as well, as the areas in the tub and in the all that surround it. Once this is done, you are ready to physically replace the pipe. This requires various tools and cementing materials. Lock the pipe into place and use the cementing materials to secure it.

After the piping has been replaced, let it set without use for 48 hours. This is just to make sure that the drain is secure and properly prepared. Once the 48 hour waiting period has passed, clean out the tub with a powerful cleaning solution. Rinse it well and then you are ready to once again rub-a-dub-dub!

If you decide to not replace the drain pipe yourself, please refer to a professional plumber who can do the job at a reasonable price. This option will save you effort and possibly money depending on their rates. Keep all your options open and you’ve got your drain fixed.

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