How to Flush the Toilet if the Power Goes Out in El Paso

If you have a toilet that doesn’t flush, it can be an embarrassing problem for the person who discovers the problem. However, even if your home in El Paso doesn’t have running water, you can still technically flush toilet just the same as if there were running water. Whether you turned off the water because of a plumbing repair, or if the city El Paso had to shut off the water because of an emergency, or maybe you forgot to pay the water bill (you might have a bigger issue here if that’s the case), there is almost always another low-budget solution!flush-toilet

The best way to flush the toilet if there’s no running water is to get some sort of large container that can hold a decent amount of water. Then you’re going to want to remove the tank reservoir lid. If you’ve already flushed your toilet since the power went out, the tank reservoir will be empty. You’ll want to get your container full of water and fill the reservoir up until the water almost reaches the top. Like on the picture on the right side.

To flush the toilet, just simply fill your water container completely full and then dump it in the bowl and – assuming everything else in your plumbing is fine – the toilet will flush just as it normally would. However, if your toilet is permanently slow, read other good tips in the article published on WikiHow .

If your toilet becomes clogged and your power goes out, the process of unclogging it is basically the same as if you had running water. However, it would be a good idea to have a friend help you during the process by pouring the water into the bowl while you work on plunging the clog. Otherwise, you’re essentially trying to plunge a toilet with no water in it, and the rubber plunger relies on having a decent amount of water in the toilet to accommodate the process. And hey, it’ll be a nice bonding moment for you and your friend! However, if the problem persists, consider calling a professional local plumber in El Paso: .

That’s all there really is to it, assuming you don’t have another larger problem that could be causing your toilet to not flush. This technique is especially useful if you’re in an area of El Paso that experiences frequent severe weather like thunderstorms. I can’t count the number of times my power has gone out and I’ve had to use this technique. Thankfully, however, it has worked every single time. Here’s a video demonstrating what this article is instructing you to do:

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